SABUDANA JAGGERY PAYASAM (Javvarisi Jaggery Kheer) 

A simple Payasam made with Sabudana (Sago/ Tapioca pearls), Jaggery and coconut milk. This dish is of Tamilnadu cuisine style.  

Dragon Chicken

This dish is of Indo-Chinese cuisine. Dragon chicken is spicy and tasty fusion dish, a real appetiser. The blend of sharp sauces and spices give it a distinct fiery flavour. 

AVAL PAAYASSAM (Rice flakes Kheer)

This paayassam made with rice flakes, jaggery and creamy coconut milk is a wonderful delicacy. This may not be one of the most common paayassam/Kheer made, but this is different and takes around only 15 minutes...


Panna cotta is the simplest of desserts — a softly set pudding made with cream, sugar, and gelatin. It originated in Northern Italy and the name literally means cooked cream.

Strawberry Phirni

Phirni is an Indian dessert which is rich and creamy, prepared with rice paste, full cream milk, dried nuts like almonds or pistachio and cardamom powder. This is usually served cold in clay or earthen pots. We...