Bitter Gourd in Yoghurt

Bitter Gourd in Yoghurt

Bitter Gourd in Yoghurt


  • bittergourd 2 Nos(small sized)
  • Ginger 1 piece
  • Greenchilles 2 Nos
  • thick sour yoghrt 1 Cups
  • Salt some To Taste
  • Mustard 1 Nos
  • Onion 1 Nos(Sliced)
  • Dry chillies 1 Nos
  • Curry leaves 1 sprigs


Method of preparation:

1. Clean, remove seeds and slice the bitter gourd. Cook this well with adequate salt. When done, let it cool.

2. Grind the cooked bitter gourd with ginger & chillies to make a fine paste. The amount of ginger taken should be enough to match the bitterness of the gourd.

3. In a bowl, beat the mashed mixture with curd, add salt if required.

4. Splutter mustard in hot oil and fry onion, dried chilly pieces and curry leaves. Add this to the curd mixture

It it tastes better if left for sometime and chilled. We can have this with rotis, kubboos, rice etc.


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